Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fallen For You Tutorial

Tube with
Sara Butcher
by CDO my License CDO-2794

Template is from

Open the template from Download
and the plains fill with backgrounds from Kit
forgive all levels a subtle drop shadow

Now distributed in the following items on the template kit
GGS_Fallen For You_Acorns String Element
GGS_Fallen For You_Autumn Leaf 1
GGS_Fallen For You_Autumn Leaf 2
GGS_Fallen For You_Banner
GGS_Fallen For You_Bracket Element 2
GGS_Fallen For You_Branch 2
GGS_Fallen For You_Leaf Spray 1
GGS_Fallen For You_Satin Bow 3
GGS_Fallen For You_Satin Butterfly 4
GGS_Fallen For You_Tree with Birdhouse

give all levels einene subtle drop shadow

Now Taggi label yet, and you have a Taggi

Hugs Heppy

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